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BIZ CCTV 설치 관리 "특가" 4CH DVR $500 설치비 포함!

price $ 1
read 2,061
date 2017-08-16
location Queens (Manhattan)

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3601 162st Flushing Ny11358

4CH 1MP HD720p
1TB I-Phone remote

-4 Eye Ball Style Cameras 1 Mega Pixel
-Night Vision Up To 60 FT
-720P DVR Included Built In Motion Detection/ Face Detection
-Camera Installation Included
-Wire Runs Up To 100 FT Per Camera
-1TB Hard Drive
-Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone Or PC
-2 year warranty

4 Eye 2 Mega Pixel
Night Vision Up To 100 FT
1080P HD DVR Built in Motion Detection/Face Detection
Email Notification
3.6MM Lens
Cmos Aptina Chipset
Motion Detection Recording
Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone or PC
2TB Hard Drive
Camera Installation Included
2 Year Warranty
Additional Camera

4ch 4Mega Pixel HD Camera

-4 Eye Ball Cameras 4 Mega Pixel
-Night Vision Up to 90FT
-IP67 Rating
-Built In WDR/ Noise Reduction
-4TB Hard Drive Space
-Remote Internet Capability Via Smart Phone or PC
-Two Year Warranty
-Email Notification
-Built in motion dectection/ Face Detection
-Installation Included
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